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Do you want my uncensored pics?

Pinned on April 19, 2013 at 3:32 pm by Jeanny

Do you want my uncensored pics?

Since I started this website I have taken over 1400 pictures.

1446 to be exact.

Some of these pictures are not safe to view at work so I never posted them here or to my recently closed Flickr account.

I need to raise some cash before the summer and I just figured out how to maintain my privacy using BitCoin. If you know how to use BitCoin and wish to send me a donation of 0.5 or more. I will send you the download link to my entire 1446 images including a bunch not safe for work pics never released.

If you don’t know how to use BitCoin no worries. I wanted to keep this to just a few friends anyway :)

Once you have sent payment to the address linked below or copy 14TUZT3QF9MxjWvgLLfpzaQBzNW4PA2M3a email your transaction ID to jeanny.cameron@yahoo.ca so I can send you the zip file. Please don’t share this file with anyone thanks :)

FYI if you aren’t interested in using bitcoin you can get them on ebay and tell the seller to send them to this address: 14TUZT3QF9MxjWvgLLfpzaQBzNW4PA2M3a


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